• Presence for Fourteen years in the space of Leadership Development for more than 400 clients
  • Created and successfully implemented our first Large Scale Intervention in 2016-17
  • Asia Partners for four top International Counsulting firms specializing in Leadership development across the Globe
  • Experts in blending psychometrics to learning and growth of the individual and the Organization
  • 100 experts/Counsultants across India. Local/regional support
  • Experts in using various approaches viz Appreciative Inquiry, Coaching, 360 degree assessments, Assessment and Development centers

Lead By Action / Managing Managers

For Senior Managers, AGM's, GM's – The program is designed for Senior Managers to influence strategies of the organization, to gain commitment from team and foster collaboration with the use of knowledge and competence. Managing managers program creates awareness and helps in clarifying roles, goals and deliverables which in turn enhances productivity. It clearly defines desired outcomes for win win results. The program has evidence of reviving enthusiasm and passion in the employees for their own work.

The information provided is illustrative and is open for customization. The module is open for a redesign based on the clients'/business requirements.


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