• Presence for Fourteen years in the space of Leadership Development for more than 400 clients
  • Created and successfully implemented our first Large Scale Intervention in 2016-17
  • Asia Partners for four top International Counsulting firms specializing in Leadership development across the Globe
  • Experts in blending psychometrics to learning and growth of the individual and the Organization
  • 100 experts/Counsultants across India. Local/regional support
  • Experts in using various approaches viz Appreciative Inquiry, Coaching, 360 degree assessments, Assessment and Development centers

Training & Learning Solutions

Learning is about exploring various possibilities and considering different perspectives to make our own meaning, understanding and arriving at our life goal.

Our offering includes complete/part responsibility of the training calendar for Organizations. This has multiple benefits for our clients, including:

  • Availability of trainers for different programs
  • One point accountability for the quality and delivery schedules of various programs
  • Content credibility
  • More time for your team to focus on creating new initiatives and measuring effectiveness, as we will take care of the trainer availability, content development, objective adherence and logistics (on mutually agreeable terms)
  • Convenience of payments once every fortnight
  • New pricing for volume work

List of training programs offered by us:

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Enhancing People Skills

We all have people with whom we have to work to get things done. Our ability to communicate with customers, subordinates, peers, and superiors can enhance our effectiveness. Our workshop on Enhancing People Skills includes ways to improve communication, understand the importance of conflict management and learn to deal with conflicts constructively.


Atiitya helps in self-development, through recognizing and identifying the needs for self-development, for personal as well professional growth, in-order to contribute to the organization. We help in achieving these by providing various Trainings projects and workshops on self-development and personality development considering the need and context of the organization.

Excelling as Teams

Teams require collaborating and working together in order to deliver to the optimum. Motivation among the team members is the essential aspect for the success of teams. We offer classroom and Outbound training methodologies. We work on activities in the training which will enhance motivation and induce accountability. Participants learn about the Personality types of the team members and develop ways to respond to each other in an effective manner.

Influencing Skills

Influencing is about understanding self and the effect or impact you have on others. It is important to recognize that influencing is about moving things forward without pushing, forcing or telling others what to do. Individuals need to develop influencing skills in managerial and leadership positions to ensure that tasks are completed effectively and efficiently.

The span of opportunity to influence can range from Personal to professional relationships. Our programs are designed based on the requirements of our client Organizations.

Take Charge of your Life

To be in control of where life is taking you means being more self aware, positive, productive, dealing more effectively with stress, having the ability to solve problems, handing change and developing healthy optimism. The aim here is to make managers and individuals learn to have a much healthy, stress free life with well-set goals with the help of activities and psychometric tools.

Managing self and others through change

We believe a change is must for a healthy and happy atmosphere of an organization. Change is perhaps the most daunting challenge for managers. This module helps managers understand the predictable reactions at both the individual and group level. They learn strategies for introducing and implementing change in a way that assists rather than impedes achieving desired end results.

Time Management

Personal time management is about managing the use of your most valuable and undervalued resources. Poor management of time for many, results in unnecessary rushes, increase in stress and degradation of performance. This is turn affects other individuals and work environment. Our program offers a set of skills to help the participants manage time and prioritize tasks effectively and hence enhance their ability to impact the returns at a higher level.

Presentation Skills

Presentation is an important aspect for any business. Your best proposal, best idea and best product might get unnoticed if not presented in a professional manner. The ability to present effectively gives value and brings attention to the content. Our program on presentation helps in inculcating the process of analyzing audience and their needs, working on body language, use of silence, and making an impactful presentation.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

The Manager has many roles to play, one of the key roles is to solve problems and take decisions. At Atiitya we offer problem – solving and decision – making workshops where an individual will learn to understand a problem situation, identify solutions for it and look at it in a whole new perspective. The workshop is conducted using various activities and simulations.

Goal setting

Specifying performance goals is an essential element of Effective Management. Here we help Managers in the Goal setting process by identifying the needs of the organization as well the individual. Goal setting is a powerful process intending to think about the team future, and for motivating self and team to turn the vision and strength of this future into reality.

Interpersonal Skills

Inter-personal skills are crucially important in a world where people are caught up in new technologies, suffering from information overload and lack of human warmth and emotional intelligence. Atiitya's training will assist the individuals in working harmoniously and effectively with team members, understanding team dynamics, managing conflicts and working towards the overall goal.

Interviewing Skills/Smart Hiring

Interviewing is the most frequently and extensively used source of acquiring information from applicants which contributes to the overall assessment of capability. Interviewing includes certain logical methodology which when followed delivers to the ROI to a larger extent. The program offered by Atiitya helps Managers to learn the behavioral assessment during an interview conversation, helps in assessing the cultural adaptability and the readiness of the individual for future Leadership roles.

Communication Skills

People in organizations typically spend most of their time in an interpersonal situation; thus it is no surprise to find that at the root of a large number of organizational problems is poor communication. Effective communication is an essential component of organizational success whether it is at the interpersonal, intergroup, intra-group, organizational, or external levels. We help the organizations to understand the basic process of communication and assist the managers to deal with some of the most difficult conversations.


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