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the digital hub

what is the Digital Hub?

A repository of over 800 learning assets :

Fluid books, videos, animations, infographics, 'thrive in five'.

Accessible any time, any where, on any device.


learning is changing...

The Digital Hub is designed to excite, engage and embed learning within your organisation

Choose from

  • Totally digital learning programs or

  • Digital content blended with traditional classroom environments

Youtube videos, TED talks relevant to your organisation?
Include them as a part of learning on the Digital Hub.

Curate over 800 assets in our content library to create millions of playlists

Organisation undertaking a major shift in strategy?
Bring 1000's of employees on board the new strategy within weeks.

Send different playlist to different teams based on their unique learning needs

The Hub can be integrated with an LMS so that users get a sleek experience.

Advanced analytics on the Digital Hub enables L&D to monitor learning trends within your organisation

Would you like to take a look?




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