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organization development
change management


advanced diagnostics

  • Research and evaluation of existing people systems present in the organisation

  • Identification of competencies required to accomplish organisation mission

l&d interventions

  • Identity learning & development needs across the organisation

  • Online learning plan for simultaneous roll out for large teams in different cities across the country



change management

Our solution has helped organisations align with their rapidy changing and complex enviroments :

  • Get leadership commitment to the plan

  • Organisation wide communication of change objective

  • Confirm change readiness

  • Roll out l&d interventions

  • Evaluate, monitor outcome of interventions

appreciative inquiry

  • A grounded exploration of the 'best of what is'

  • Visioning and debate collaboratively, articulating 'what might be'

  • Working together to develop 'what might be'

  • Collectively experimenting with 'what might be'

assessment centre

Assessment centres are increasingly being used to assess readiness of managers and leaders to step up to the next level.

This certification program enables participants to:

  • Create a Competency Framework.

  • Create assessment tools.

  • Conduct a Behavioural Event Interview.

  • Assess using the Observe, Record, Classify and Evaluate (ORCE) method.

  • Provide effective and appropriate feedback.

  • Create a Development Plan.